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The launch of a pioneering clothing brand

The ethos behind the &SONS brand is to support innovation while valuing the skills of artisans where hard-won expertise is passed on from one generation to the next. The functional aspects of the collection are born from a frustration of not having fashionable clothing that has a functional and practical edge. The &SONS range incorporates a layered style that feature only the finest natural materials combined with the greatest craftsmanship. From the Baker boy cap in tweed and leather through to the Chambray work shirt, cotton waistcoat, Selvedge denim jeans and handmade leather work boots the collection takes the best from the past to create a timeless look for the here and now.

Shop the collection at andsons.co.uk

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the story

We worked closely with Phil and the team to ensure every detail of the brand was true to their values. We wanted to create a timeless identity which was full of character and detail that could be used across a wide variety of media, from clothing tags through to their e-commerce website.

We conducted a ‘Dig’ to fully understand what they stood for, how they wanted to be perceived and who they wanted to target. Armed with this insight, we launched a Kickstarter crowd sourcing campaign, carried our numerous photoshoots, created a typographic style and messaging, and developed a suite of literature including an e-commerce website.

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