StoreAway - Making storage easy.


Creating a striking brand that stands out against leading storage companies

StoreAway is a brand new storage facility, set to open numerous stores across the UK in 2022. In order to make an impact in a competitive industry, StoreAway needed a brand that would stand out... Handing the reigns over to Third Floor Design, we created a brand identity that couldn't be missed.

In order for StoreAway to stand out, we wanted to take a bold and vibrant approach that would accommodate their current logo and ident. We needed to ensure that the branding would be strong enough to communicate their storage services and get people talking. With such a bold visual presence, we required a tone of voice to match, using messaging of both a direct, but playful manner.

The original colour palette was saturated and easily overlooked, therefore we enhanced the colour and replaced it with a vibrant green, something that couldn't be missed. We overlayed our bright backgrounds with a bold typeface to support our tone of voice, ensuring StoreAway signage or advert would never be missed.

We wanted prospective customers to know that whatever the perception of their items, we could store them. Therefore our imagery style was to focus on these items, allowing the customers needs to be at the centre of what Storeaway offer – usually collections or 'clutter' that's personal to them and can't be thrown away... 

In order for customers to store their items, they need to know where they are going... we collated a library of diverse arrows that could be used for internal wayfinding or pointing customers in the right direction across communications.

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