Sueted - Mobile boutique


Bringing the in-store experience to every customer’s doorstep

Putting the ping into your shopping with a unique, mobile delivery service bringing the magic of the in-store experience to your doorstep.

Sueted approached us with a vision of bringing the fitting room to your doorstep. Armed with plenty of USP’s we needed to get above this and define their promise for both audiences, retailers and consumers. As a concept a little different to anything we’ve seen before, we decided it was time to embrace this and reflect it in everything we do!

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From messaging to imagery, Sueted sits prominently whilst allowing trends, brands and products to take the centre stage because as a brand we’re about the fashion of tomorrow, and as the fashion industry changes, we change. At the heart of Sueted is our customers and with messaging that appears current and ‘on trend’ Sueted can appeal to all of their audiences at the same time.