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Theia & Co are an opulent, full service optometrist specialising in both optical and medical care.

Established by a team of accredited optometrists, Thiea & Co offer full service eye care under one roof. Luxurious, high-end and completely customer focussed, the brand had to reflect their premium offering while retaining an approachable tone of voice.

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Brand Identity, Print and Marketing Collateral, Retail Signage and Shop Front


Theia & Co

the story

Theia was the Titan goddess of sight and shining light of the clear blue sky. It seemed only natural that she should be our starting point – Theia’s eyes were believed to have emitted a beam of light and thus she was named the mother of sight and mother of light-beaming sun, moon and dawn.

Coupling this with optical symbols to introduce pattern, the overall feel is classic and understated with a twist. It’s indulgent and luxurious while proudly holding a soft, approachable, customer focussed tone of voice.

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