thinkproject - Construction intelligence


Creating a single proposition and unifying a global organisation

thinkproject wanted to articulate the benefits of what they do as well as become a prominent name in their industry. Looking to move towards offering both product and consultancy would allow them to utilise their growing product portfolio and shift the brand into a clearer position in the market.

They were already very focussed on their customer but, as a core brand value, we wanted to evolve the branding to emphasise how customer-centric they were becoming. We wanted to illuminate their passion for influencing the change in the construction world, developing and delivering world-class products to support and advance the industry and the people in it. The message was clear: it’s not about us (thinkproject), it’s about them (the customers).

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Their story

ThinkProject consisted of seven companies in seven different countries, many of them operating independently and all with very different cultures. Part of the rebrand was to unify the companies and give them a guiding set of principles to work to and a shared vision to be proud of.

We created an entire suite of collateral that included a brand manifesto and an extensive set of brand guidelines. To allow for a seamless integration of the new brand we also designed and developed a global website for the company and it's subsidiaries. The site was fully translated at the front-end and back-end and specific content created for every country. To date, the website is their single most valuable marketing tool and is managed internally by their team with ongoing support from Third Floor.