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Thomas Legal London

Creating a London-based sub-brand for a leading property law firm

Thomas Legal wanted to premiumise their specialist services and have a location-specific brand for their London offering. They have a young, energetic team and internal culture is a huge part of their business model so should be celebrated. Every aspect of Thomas Legal is not the normal tone and feel for a legal firm, so we needed to bring this across in their brand.

The colour palette, fonts and styling are all inspired by the sophisticated London landscape, whilst also displaying the brands stress-free and professional services. We focused on the use of messaging to help potential clients understand why they’re different, whilst using facts and figures to reassure clients they are using the right company.

Thomas Legal London Logo
Thomas Legal Brochure Inside
Thomas Legal London Brochure Cover

Property law is all we do so we’re really good at it.

At Thomas Legal London, they pride themselves on their teams years of experience acting for some of central London’s biggest residential sales. They have built strong, long-standing relationships with most agents and brokers in the capital so have a vast network to help provide for their client's needs.