Todd's - Made in the Mid West


Creating an identity for American flavours and seasoning

For nearly 100 years, Todd’s have blended America’s finest herbs and spices to create seasoning mixes and rubs to enhance the natural flavours of meat. To this day, the family recipes are used throughout the US and the rest of world to give our customers the true taste of America.

We took influence from Midwest cuisine and the birthplace of Todd’s, we created an authentic American brand. Inspired by traditional signage, packaging and design trends, Todd's came to life...

Todd's Logo
Todd's Sachet Set
Todd's Packaging

The Dig

In a market with competitors like Old El Paso, Schwartz and Barts, Todd's need to use their heritage and understanding of the industry to stand out. They also wanted to utilise the growing BBQ scene in the UK with consumers wanting to explore new ways of cooking with authentic flavours. Who better to teach them than the Americans!

Many American brands are already breaking the UK market, such as New York Bakery & Co, TGI Fridays and Hard Rock Cafe, but Todd's want to change the perception associated with these brands. Todd's are ambassadors for authentic American cuisine, so want to avoid feeling like a cliché American brand.

Their purpose

To showcase how regions of America are famous for certain food types – starting with the Midwest.

Barbeque has attained an important position in America’s culinary tradition due to the strong cultural associations that Midwestern America holds, therefore Todd's have decided to capitalise on this growing UK trend and to focus on this region for their first range.

Their mission

To provide customers with the finest elemental cooking ingredients to create unforgettable culinary experiences and enjoy the authentic taste of America.

We created Todd's a classic taste of America feel brand that supports the heritage flavours in their products.