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Bringing home the fun and flavours of Mexican cuisine as enjoyed in Wahaca restaurants across the UK.

Thomasina Miers (Tommi) is the co-founder of the highly successful chain of Mexican restaurants that launched in London over ten years ago and then spread to many other cities across the UK.

In 2005, Tommi won the first series of BBC’s Master Chef for her Mexican-themed cuisine. As a result, she felt the time was right for a series of restaurants that reflected her enthusiasm for the intense colours and flavours of Mexican food.

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the story

Following the success of her Wahaca restaurant chain, 2016 saw the launch of ‘Wahaca Retail’ as part of a co-creation with Tesco supermarkets. The Wahaca range comprises taco kits, marinades, salsas and tortillas to sit within the Mexican category in the ambient part of the store.

A year on from launch and supermarket sales were behind expectations. One critical factor was felt to be the weakness of the packaging. Consumers were not being helped to understand the product or why they should pick it up.

The focus of Third Floor’s brief was to attract consumers through a major packaging re-design. We had to bring the Wahaca brand back to life on the shelf. Our inspiration came from the rich colours and energy of Mexican food markets.
That’s where the concept of Wahaca restaurants had been born in Tommi’s mind and that’s why we decided to go back to the same vibrant origins for this retail offering.

As a result of our creative journey, Third Floor has delivered distinctive packaging using the exciting Mexican textures, colours and graphics that represent what is at the heart of the Wahaca brand and which gives these supermarket packs such strong standout and renewed customer appeal.

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