Workbooks - More of what you need.


A tailored CRM system designed to simplify the complex

Workbooks, unlike most CRM providers, really get to understand your business and processes, to create a bespoke solution tailored to your needs.

Their platform increases efficiency in managing, tracking or converting, giving you more control and time to achieve your goals. You can view measurables and insights from your custom-built solution, whether you're using it for marketing, sales, customer service or finance.

The Workbooks platform offers integrations with accounting systems, scheduling and project management tools, databases, contact and event management systems, marketing automation, social media, email, development tools and CMS', as well as much more. Whatever your requirements, they get to know your pain points, structure and needs, to create the best CRM platform for your business.

Workbooks Logo
Workbooks Strapline
Workbooks Profile

We wanted to showcase the humanity in Workbooks approach, with dedicated account managers looking after each customer, so introduced warmth and people into their brand. The bold orange and pastel colours project positivity, which is what they make their customers feel.

Within a competitive market, we wanted them to stand out and to shout about what makes them great, so created a brand that highlights the control Workbooks provides their customers with to do their roles effectively every day. Their integrated and relationship-lead approach is represented by their book binding-inspired ident and captures their focus on putting the customer's needs first with the use of frames throughout.

The brand feels sophisticated, like the solutions Workbooks create for their customers, whilst radiating the energy and enthusiasm of their wonderful team.