Zego - Insurance you control


Get insured anytime, anywhere

Zego are an innovative insurtech focussed on putting people first. They offer flexible insurance policies for businesses, both fleets and individual drivers, based on their specific circumstances. Using their Sense technology, Zego are able to offer a fair price for insurance based on the individual’s driving conditions, as well as standard factors.

We worked with Zego in a crucial stage of growth for the company, to achieve an £100m investment. Our role was to develop the brand (whilst retaining the existing logo) to evolve the brand around their evolving audience and exposure within their market.

ZEGO logo and strapline
ZEGO Advert with photography
ZEGO Tag over person

Zego empower their customers to work more freely and achieve their dreams. They are a hugely ambitious company, with goals for scaling up and growing their offering, and have already achieved unicorn status within 5 years of starting up.

To suit their business model and ability to offer insurance that saves customers time and money, the brand needed to be more adaptable, friendly and flexible. Not touching their existing logo, we built upon their visual identity, exploring colours, typography, iconography, imagery, illustrations and graphic elements, such as grids and symbols.

We have developed a brand that echoes their five pillars of control, you, data, technology and opportunity. Each of these pillars pays an integral part of what Zego do and are conveyed within the visual identity we have created.