Kutavar - Built to Last


British Designed & Manufactured

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Kutavar offer high spec hand-made plasma CNC tables to manufacturers, that provide users with precision engineering. They allow them to achieve low costs objectives by reducing the time and increasing productivity with their machines.

Their cutter beds are uniquely versatile, as each bed is water and extraction changeable, allowing a wide range of materials to be cut on their plasma cutter beds – they have versatility built in.

The brand needed to feel slick and appeal to the industrial market they sit in, but with a cutting edge over others in their sector. Therefore, we took inspiration from design and engineering, to provide a new direction for the brand.

We designed a bespoke typeface for the Kutavar brand, so they had a clear distinction to those in the market. The colour palette and subtle use of their unique British-made stamp creates a professional and premium-looking brand. We also introduced line work illustrations/iconography and high quality photography, to establish a visual style that suits their offering.