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Rufus Stone

Creating a hand-crafted artisanal brand

Rufus Stone is one of those rare projects where our Dig Process can turn an idea on its head.

The founder approached us to create a brand for doggy side-cars... Yes, sidecars for dogs. However, upon further research, we discovered there is a lack of requirement for a ‘doggy side-car’, which is where we started to explore how we could turn the founder's combined passion for motorbikes and dogs into a more viable venture.

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The Dig

Inspired by brands like Sotnos, Baak, Scrumbles, the client came to us wanting to create sidecars for dogs to go on motorbikes. It was evident from the initial research that dog accessories is a growing market, filled with brands defined by their style and purpose, and the racer/custom bike scene is also becoming more mainstream.

So, we proposed for the client to take a step back and look at how they can create a brand to accommodate both of the discussed markets in a more viable way. The solution was for Rufus Stone to become the home of artisan makers across the globe, who craft unique pieces essential for man and his closest companion.

This provided the client’s brand with a new purpose to source products with integrity and bring an element of fun, love and joy into peoples lives. We established their key principles to be quality, safety, user-focused, purpose and emotion-provoking.

Rufus Stone – Essentials for life.