Who are we?

We're a multi-disciplinary team of thinkers, designers and developers, united by a single goal: to create iconic brands with presence, purpose and power.

Our people

James Cowdale - Strategy man
Strategy man
James Cowdale
Marc Phelps - Brand oracle
Brand oracle
Marc Phelps
Gareth Brough - Design sensei
Design sensei
Gareth Brough
Olivia Dayman - Office boss
Office boss
Olivia Dayman
Kathryn Strickland - Client companion
Client companion
Kathryn Strickland
Evie Mizen - Creative queen
Creative queen
Evie Mizen
Mia Hatch - Design diva
Design diva
Mia Hatch

Partners and Memberships

We work with selected partners in Business Development, Retail Consultancy, Web Development, SEO/Digital Marketing, Print Production, Global Translations, Packaging Design, Copywriting, Public Relations, Photography, Video and Animation, so that we can focus on doing what we do really well – creating iconic brands.

Our partners have years of experiences and are allocated to the project based on the requirements set out with the client.



We have been members of the Design Business Association since 2017.  The DBA is the leading design industry trade association, innovating and transformative the creative industries.


Doddle -


Doddle work with us to develop digital solutions specific to the client's needs. We integrate them into our process to plan and deliver both marketing and e-commerce website projects.


The Educational Hub -

The Educational Hub

We are a listed partner of The Educational Hub since 2021. 

The Educational Hub - Listed school supplier

Our studio

We renovated our new studio at the beginning of 2020 – a few weeks of late nights, lots of cans of paint, a hard-working team of electricians, a new concrete floor and a good old clean – from an old dance studio into our new home.

Beings we only got to live in it for 7 weeks before the first lockdown, some funky cool new pics to show it off are still pending...

Thinking Corner
Studio Decor