Who are we?

We're a multi-disciplinary team of thinkers, designers and developers, united by a single goal: to create iconic brands with presence, purpose and power.

Our people

James Cowdale - Strategy man
Strategy man
James Cowdale
Marc Phelps - Brand oracle
Brand oracle
Marc Phelps
Gareth Brough - Design sensei
Design sensei
Gareth Brough
Olivia Dayman - Office boss
Office boss
Olivia Dayman
Hannah Tierney - Client companion
Client companion
Hannah Tierney
Ross Linton - Design dude
Design dude
Ross Linton
Evie Mizen - Creative queen
Creative queen
Evie Mizen
Ross Morgan - Dynamic junior
Dynamic junior
Ross Morgan

Our studio

We renovated our new studio at the beginning of 2020 – a few weeks of late nights, lots of cans of paint, a hard-working team of electricians, a new concrete floor and a good old clean – from an old dance studio into our new home.

Beings we only got to live in it for 7 weeks before the first lockdown, some funky cool new pics to show it off are still pending...

Thinking Corner
Studio Decor