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  1. How having a great branding agency can turn your business around in one year...

    &SONS - The Case Study

    Apr 08 2020

  2. The crippling effects of fears and how to overcome them...

    The Fear Factor

    Apr 03 2020

  3. Operating as normal


    Mar 25 2020

  4. Business growth prompts relocation for award winning Cheltenham design agency Third Floor.

    NEWS: Third Floor’s flourishing. Cheltenham design agency’s expansion to a bigger, brighter studio is good news for clients.

    Feb 19 2020

  5. At Third Floor we believe we have the power to turn water into wine and why shouldn’t we brand water this way?

    Spring’s just around the corner for pre-bottled water

    Jan 27 2020

  6. What to look for in a design agency? What a question.

    How to choose a design agency. Tips from the Third Floor.

    Jan 22 2020

  7. It’s the season of goodwill so it’s only right that Third Floor plays its part. Here are our top five snippets

    Five Christmas branding myths debunked by Third Floor. You’re welcome.

    Dec 19 2019

  8. Simplicity, sophistication and intrigue feature heavily in our design industry predictions as we look to 2020.

    Design industry predictions for 2020

    Oct 28 2019

  9. This was the decade the logo died. The rulebook’s been ripped up. Brands: change your attitude, not your logo.

    2010s retrospective - death of the logo and birth of the brand

    Oct 24 2019

  10. In the clutter of craft beer can noise, simplicity is sure to shout loudest on supermarket shelves.

    Is craft beer branding about to implode?

    Oct 22 2019

  11. Treating cider like a fine wine!

    Thoughts from the Third Floor - The Cider Report

    Oct 03 2019

  12. Soulful Sustainability and the age of NOwnership in lifestyle brands

    Soulful Sustainability and the age of NOwnership in lifestyle brands

    Jun 20 2019

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