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The Corinium museum houses some of Europe’s largest mosaics and has been a well known tourist attraction for many years. However, it was time for a change. As part of a wider HLF project, the museum decided to rebrand and after a intense tender process trying to find the right agency, Third Floor were selected. As with any branding project, we began with a Dig and worked alongside stakeholders from all over the museum including volunteers and trustees. From here, we developed a new brand identity along with our ‘glimpse of the future’ which included stationery, way finding and marketing collateral. We also worked alongside their chosen web agency to deliver the brand through their digital footprint.

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Corinium Museums

the story

Through the Dig we established there was a perception gap between what the museum offered and what the public thought. The museum delivered a great brand experience but this wasn’t apparent from any of the visual touchpoints. They employee some of the most energetic and enthusiastic people we have ever worked with who really help bring the museum to life. The existing identity had been in place for a number of years but didn’t hold enough significance to keep, so we looked at how we could create a more distinct and relevant mark. The ‘C’ represents the process of archaeology, from uncovering artefacts, restoring and preserving them and then allowing them to be brought back to life through the museum.

There is a broad and varied audience that stretch from academics researching a subject to families looking for an engaging and educational day out. We had to strike a balance and avoid dumbing down the offering whilst appealing to people with a limited understanding of the museum and it’s artefacts. We developed a simple promise – Discover Archeology which encompassed the experience at the museum, what they could learn and also mirrored the meaning of archeology. Like Third Floor, everything at the Museum starts with a DIG, they then DISCOVER and finally, unlike other institutions who hide these amazing discoveries away from the world… they DISPLAY.

Our inspiration for the logo came from iconic pieces such as the Colosseum and the plume of a Roman helmet. Circles are used throughout Roman history in mosaics and buildings and this allowed us to create a simple yet iconic device.

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