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Bringing theatre to the dinner party through unmistakable english-ness augmented by the unexpected.

Jason approached Third Floor with a spring in his step wanting to launch a liqueur business with a quirky name: Liqueurious.

Initially when he approached us, he had a small collection of artisan tea and coffee liqueurs, however looked to create a brand presence that he could take into the retail world. 

With previous experience in homemade liqueurs and a good understanding of beer brewing, he noticed a gap in the market for tea and coffee liqueurs, and set out to begin the creation of his five products. 

Through our DIG process, we were able to target our product at 'momentous occasions', helping to bring theatre to every dinner party!

Liqueurious creating moments to remember
Liqueurious Tote Bag
Liqueurious Photography

The Dig

With Liqueurious, we wanted to create a narrative that took the elements of quintessentially English occasions and add a twist through the unexpected. As Liqueurious will be remembered for celebrating individuality and quirkiness, it was also important to create a strong digital presence – encouraging people to share their stories and photos.

The products of Liqueurious were designed for those looking to find ‘the next big thing’, and wishing to demonstrate creativity in front of friends and family to bring smiles to faces. Consequently, we wanted to focus on the curious and quirky by providing a fun and bouncy visual identity, that also linked back to the theatrical design of the art deco period – the aim being to inject humour into everything Liqueurious do and explore the curious. 

The Product

The product offering of both host (350ml) and guest bottles (200ml) helped us craft more of a story for the interaction amongst the customer's occasions – fashioning packaging specifically to each party. The difference in bottle sizes meant we could also form alternative messages for the separate parties when considering branding collateral.

Each product has an equally quirky name the black tea liqueur, Camellia, is after Camellia Sinensis, which is a species of evergreen shrub whose leaves and buds are harvested for Tea. The green tea liqueur is called Ryokucha, which is simply Japanese for green tea and Coffea? Well, it's a species of small shrub whose seeds are harvested and called coffee beans!

Liqueurious craft small-batch flavour-driven products, where moments are created and individuality is celebrated through a shared love of liqueurs. Their mission is to share the excitement, adventure and theatrics a little tipple can convey.