Case Study

O' Be Joyful

Wine expert Kristina and her chocolatier sister Xeniya were looking to creating the first subscription service for chocolate and wine pairings, alongside a quirky café that would be an Instagrammer's dream!

With beautiful vintage interiors, O' Be Joyful was inspired by the iconic era of travel, and we took them through our Dig process to help unlock their brand and expand their ambitious vision even further.

We strived to create a unique, exciting and altruistic brand that captures the character of its creators – rich and opulent with a quintessential British twist! This led to a wordmark inspired by Wes Anderson films, and a series of patterns and crests that could be used across their packaging and collateral.

We produced an extensive glossary for the brand, based heavily on the locomotive theme but combined with the personality of their food and drink. We distilled their offering, full of experience, knowledge and joy, into one line: Discover tastes that transcend the unexpected.

We also developed an e-commerce website, capable of handling subscriptions, that took users on a journey – whether they wanted to experience the fun and excitement of O’ Be Joyful at home or at their London café near Piccadilly Circus.

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